To be raised in the south is a privilege. It means many things, but to me it has meant a love of all things preppy and classic, Lilly, Pearls, bows, ribbons, and the color pink. Graciousness is key, and one never leaves home without a little make up.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Things I'm loving!

Things I'm loving!

Just a few things I find myself often drooling over... the Louis is VERY far off, but I'm seriously wanting a wallet, a new longchamp and a kate spade watch. WISH I had a birthday coming up!!  But for now as a grown up lady, I must choose what to save for, and then be patient!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kate Spade Earrings

My newest obsession would have to be earrings.  For years I have faithfully worn my pearl studs almost every day.  They are casual, and dressy.  I even have an over-sized pair, and two colored pairs (black and gray).  Then came my wonderful Tiffany bow earrings from my Fiance this past valentine's day.  Finally, a pair of earrings I loved just as much, and that gave a different look!  Soon after, my mom gave me a pair of gold ball studs, the same size as my favorite pearls.  I had three pairs of earrings I would actually wear!!

Then I discovered Kate Spade Jewelry.

My Lovely Fiance treated me to these.

I picked these lovelies up last night, before I went to Michael's country club for dinner.  I felt so Glam!  They are huge, but so freaking fun to wear!  I plan on grabbing a few other colors, I love wearing something a little different and out of my comfort zone!  I'm done wearing the same old thing all the time :).

And I got these maybe two months ago, and wear them a lot!  I absolutely adore having a variety of earrings to wear now.  The Kate Spade ones are also incredible reasonable priced.  Perfect for a small pick me up when one needs retail therapy!!

And here is a pair that isn't Kate Spade, but my lovely Fiance got these for me for our 4 year anniversary!

I love these because they are subtle, and can be both casual or dressy.  These also easily take place in an outfit where I would normally choose pearls.

I am so happy to have all these new earrings to wear!  After so long wearing the same pair, I think I've become kind of obsessed!  I will even skip wearing a necklace to emphasize my earrings!!!!

And finally, another Kate Spade purchase I adore that is not a pair of earrings!!

(I could not find a good stock photo)

This is an iphone case that LOOKS LIKE WICKER.  I love it so so so much!!!  Kate spade also has wicker purses that I ADORE.  I hope to snag one once they go on sale since 400 is a little bit much for a wicker bag... Still the case makes me VERY happy.  I adore Kate Spade!!!

This is how big the Gumdrop earrings are, big and I love them!!


Happy Mothers Day + Pimento Cheese

Happy Mothers day to all you wonderful Mommy's out there!!  I will see my mommy next weekend, but saw my FMIL today, along with my FFIL, and FBIL, and hopefully my FSIL (I hope they get married, she's so sweet).  So basically all my close in-laws!  I made curry chicken salad and pimento cheese (my fave things to make for lunch!  Both recipes are very simple.

Have you ever had Pimento cheese?  It is a very southern dish.  I fell in love with it my first trip to the Masters in Augusta, GA, and have loved it ever since!

I was too lazy to take my own photo, but this looks pretty close to mine!!  

My Recipe:

two bags of shredded cheese (I use Chedder and Pepper Jack usually)

1. Small Jar of pimentos 

Mayo (however much you prefer to hold it all together)

Chili Powder

Hot Sauce (however much you prefer)

Mix it all together, with salt and pepper, get it to the taste you prefer by adding more or less seasonings and voila!  Yummy with crackers and with bread!!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Time to catch up!

So here we are, the recently engaged couple, and a photo in front of the door to the home we are in the process of purchasing!  Life has been quite busy for me lately, see my little ID card in the photo?  My new job takes up a lot more time, and leaves me pretty tired after work... 8-5 is hard!  Especially when you are really using your brain!  However, it is nice to be a professional, and I get to commute to work with my Fiance!  Ahh!!  I absolutely love calling him that!

So sorry I have forgotten to blog... or to catch up with other blogs, I am going to work on that right now!!!  Feels like all I do is work, wedding plan, and house hunt etc... however closing day is in less than two weeks so maybe I will have more time after that?!  Either way, I will be sure to do my best to remember the lovely world of blogging!  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Big news!!!

I know I have disappeared as of late, it's tough to find time to blog... But life has been good, hope it has been for you too! I do have some news...

I'm getting married!!! So now This southern prep must plan her very southern and preppy wedding!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Valentine's Gift!!

Michael and I already exchanged gifts, mostly because I was SO excited when his gift came in the mail, and he decided to give me mine before we went to dinner at our friends house yesterday.  Are we odd for not waiting until V-Day?  We'll do chocolates and what not on the day of, but we're always bad about giving our gifts early!!

Michael received this lovely Smathers and Branson wallet, that I have been so excited about!  It is adorable in person, the leather smells terrific, and has that slightly weathered look that real leather has.  I absolutely love it, and just couldn't wait to give it to him!  Michael is a golfer, hence the golf pattern, but there are many adorable designs.  Perfect wallet for a perfectly prep gent!  Find it here.

As for me...

Michael did very well, choosing these adorable Tiffany Bow Earrings.  I am so happy with them!  I hadn't even noticed them before, and was blown away by how perfect they are for me.  He told me that this way I'll always be able to wear my cute bows, even at the bank!  I am very grateful that he has always been so fantastic with jewelry, I am one lucky girl!!!

On the actual day of we have some fun plans, a guitar concert (classical) during lunch that his old instructor is giving!  And then a lovely dinner together and a romantic movie!  I just love spending time together, but every day ideally is a romantic time together!  

Have a lovely Valentine's day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Animal Love, and Animal Rights.

I am not normally one to rant on the internet about my feelings.  I'm especially not one to rant on facebook, and yet last night I did.  It wasn't about politics, or religion.  It was about animal rights, the one thing I cannot ignore.

The story was that a sorority sister was moving, and had to get rid of her cat.  This sort of thing always upsets me, but it is a reality.  I think she waited a bit to long to try and find her cat a home, as her deadline was tomorrow.  So after a post or two, another sorority sister began posting about how this kitty would be "turned out" if there wasn't a spot for her in time.  This upset me, and I luckily ran into the cat owner and let her know I was available to help in any way I could, and to let me know if something fell through.  The next day sorority sister number two posts a silly picture, labeling the kitty as a future "dumpster kitty" and I absolutely lost it.  I was horrified and disgusted that she could degrade this creature, who didn't deserve any of this and I let her know how disappointed and disgusted I was.  And no, I wasn't very nice about it either.  I don't curse, but I let her know exactly how truly horrible and wrong it was to say that it was the only option when I had specifically offered to help.  Such cruelty to animals I cannot tolerate in any way.  I have been rescuing animals since I was 5.  We would spend hours trying to catch kitties that had been "turned out" and were terrified and moments from death, we lost many animals, and our hearts broke every time.  But I will never stop believing that animals are the greatest source of love we can have in this world.

I hate when something like this happens, and I see the person in a very different and negative light.  There's really not much that can be done of it, the girl wrote to me such a self righteous message, and roommates of hers boasted of what a responsible pet owner she was, etc.  All I cared about was the cat, she was all that mattered.  Thankfully a home was found for her, I just couldn't believe how it all played out.  How differently you can see the world than someone else, it's just unbelievable.

Thanks for listening, it's been a long week.  However in a good news I was offered a position at the Bank I interviewed with and I am very, very excited.